My Book 8TB compatible devices


Please, I need to know what brands and models of smart TVs the My Book 8TB (WDBFJK0080HBK-NESN) supports.

I tried to connect it with my WD TV Live Plus, but unfortunatelly didn’t work. WD TV Live Plus doesn’t recognize My Book and doesn’t show the USB unit on the screen of main interface.

Can you help me with the list of all devices compatible with My Book 8TB?

Awaiting return. Thanks so much.

Best regards.

An official list of compatible televisions does not exist at the time of this. The unit is tested and optimized for computer use, and televisions are not supported even though they may work with the proper configuration.

There used to be a list for the WD My Passport Cinema and the WD My Book AV since those units are designed for TV usage, but the lists (And product pages) are no longer available on WD’s Site.