MY Book 8 TB fails to spin up. Options?

I have a WD My Book 8 TB that won’t spin up. Most of the data is backed up but I’m fairly sure that there was some recent stuff I might have overlooked. A conservation with the WD tech support was fairly useless, so I thought I might ask here. Normally when a drive fails to spin up, after trying alternate power adapters, I’d try to remove the disk and find a new enclosure or someone with an empty drive bay I could borrow. But this drive comes with hardware encryption and the WD tech support guy wouldn’t provide an encryption key. My understanding is that I can’t just pop the drive into a new enclosure. Tech support suggested I sent it to a data recovery company.

After telling me repeatedly that this is not a user serviceable product. And that opening it up would void the warranty. Yes, it is under warranty (2 years exactly since I got it). But, really drives are cheap and data is not, so who cares about a warranty that only replaces and doesn’t recover.

Looking for suggestions, fixes, recommendations for a data recovery company.

Thanks for the help.

If you like tinkering and are comfortable using Linux … then apparently it is possible to crack the encryption key. (i have not personally tried it … just passing along the info)

the other question … WD has link for Data Recovery Services