My Book 6TB used with Zappiti media player?


Has anyone used a 6TB My Book with a Zappiti Mini 4k HDR media player, or as external storage with any Zappiti box at all?

I want to consolidate media off 3 separate WD Passports, and as a precaution I would like to know that the (new) WDMB 6TB is compatible … I have read comments both ways, and Zappiti covers themself when I ask them and says “probably but we don’t guarantee it”

Alternatively, what WD drive is in the 6TB?

Zappiti says blue is no problem at all, green probably ok, red/black/gold not compatible.

Any guidance would be welcome, especially form someone who has paired these two ok

@Hannay You have posted your question in the My Cloud sub-forum. WDMyCloudImage You should go back to the WD Community and post it in the sub-forum for My Book.

Thank you cat0w, I wasn’t aware but clearly had taken a wrong fork somewhere!