My Book 6TB Connection Problems


I got my new My Book last week. I set it up on a shelf and wired it all up.
As it’s not right next to the PC, I chose to buy a 3rd party 5 metre USB 3 cable.
I think this might off been a mistake because the connection between the PC and the My Book
keeps dropping out. I don’t know if the length of the USB 3 cable is to blame but something isn’t right!

One place I could relocate the My Book to is on top of my UPS (Unintruptable Power Supply) unit which sits on the floor behind my computer desk. Would this placement cause interferaence to the My Book?

If I relocated the My Book to sit on top of the UPS unit, I could use the supplied USB 3 cable.

Do you guys think a 5 metre USB 3 cable is too long?



I believe the 3rtd party cable you bought is the cause of your problem.
I have to ask, do you have the same problem with the supplied USB cable?

Hello Hamlet,

Thanks for the reply. I’ve now moved the My Book thats it’s now sitting on my U.P.S. round the back of my desk. Its the only place close enough that enables me to use the (short) supplied cable.

So far, it’s working OK.

Thanks for the advice.