My Book 6 TB, No Power off Drive Option, No Power Switch?

I took delivery of a 6 TB “My Book” today and contrary to the that which is stated in the manual it does not have a power switch. The drive does not spin down when using the Win 10 “Safely remove hardware” option nor does it spin down when taken Offline.
The utility software does cause the drive to spin down after a specified period of inactivity, however, I expected to be able to power off the drive manually.
1 Are the heads parked after the “Safely remove hardware” option is invoked, and is it safe to then power off the drive from the power supply despite the fact that it is still spinning.
2 Is there a script that powers down the drive or -
3 Is it possible to further’
reduce the minimum period stated in the utilities software (10 mins).

user manual makes no mention of a power switch

only a power connector … where you plug the AC Adapter into.