My Book 500GB Flashing Blue Light Need Help

Yesterday my external drive My Book 500 GB stopped working. I get a blue flashing light when I plug in the A/C Adapter. The drive is no longer being recognized on my computer as the hard drive doesn’t appear to be powering up beyond the flashing light.

Does anyone have ANY advice???  Thank you!

Do you hear any buzzing? Vibration?

Did you drop the drive, or overvolt it with the wrong AC adapter?

You will probably need to remove your drive from the enclosure and connect it directly to your computer’s motherboard. This may void your warranty so you may want to check before you go ahead.

Didn’t drop it, didn’t plug in the wrong power cord.

Plugged it in as I’ve done everytime I’ve used it and now it doesn’t work.

Could a computer repair shop fix it? I’m not paying $695 for data retrieval. That’s robbery!

I would test your drive by connecting it directly to your computer’s motherboard.

How to open the Western Digital My Book 500GB: