My book 500gb broken pins - need advice!

So I own a 500gb WD my book. It was the most useful data storage product I’d ever owned, even being the right size to connect to my xbox. One day two of the pins inside the usb part of the power connecter broke. Thus begins my gigantic problem.

I do not understand the power connector or what type of drive it is, or the names of the parts. I had pulled the casing off myself (it was already out of warranty so I didn’t expect much help from WD on that front before pulling it apart) AND I have given it to a relative who works with IT products. He has had every single one of his employees and IT friends look at the drive and none of them have any idea what is possibly wrong or how to fix it. I would probably have to get him to email me what he has done so far to try and fix it, so this gives more insight for anyone offering solutions…

But for  now I want to know is there any possible way to get a new power connector and attach it to the old hard drive so that I can just get my data off of the hard drive. I have many important photos on there, that before anyone asks YES I did have these backed up, on two separate laptops. and unfortunately this year just after this broke, i had two separate issues with the laptops and have lost those copies as well. So basically this forum is a last resort, and that hard drive contains my NOW only copies that I desperately need to retrieve. There are no issues with the hardrive itself, it was reading perfectly right up until the pins broke. It’s just that it won’t connect to the computer via the usb cable. 

I think the issue my relative has is that there is something stopping him from just detaching the power connector and reattaching a new one… So my question to any WD REPRESENTATIVE out there is how do you suggest we tackle this issue? Whether it is you have some amazing product you can sell me that helps, such as a new PSU, or you have some tips from any other My Books that have had the same issue?

I also don’t think that the data recovery services would work based on they wouldn’t have the time or means themselves to actually do anything that would assist the unit itself.

What frustrates me is that my new WD 1TB has the pins built into a casing. Does this mean that WD realised how many pins were breaking when they were left free standing and decided to fix this in their newer releases? Because if so I honesly wonder why a product advice statement wasn’t sent out to let us customers know that this was happening - this kind of doesn’t make it the consumers fault that their products are breaking outside the warranty period from nothing they did themselves.

Thank you, Jessica C.

If this is a drive that came with Smartware the board with the USB connector also supplies hardware encryption. Without that board any data even is you got data off of drive would be encrypted and useless. If it was a drive without Smartware like Elements you should be able to put into a different enclosure or connect it as an internal drive. You might get an electronics preson to remove the bad USB port and solder on a new one. You might be able to find another board on Ebay or from another drive but there is no guarantee that it would work. A professional data recovery service migh be able to do something with the board. It wouldn’t be cheap.


As Joe_S mentioned, you need to determine whether your data are encrypted. AFAIK Elements models are not encrypted but Essentials model are.

If not encrypted, you can just remove your drive and attach it to your computer’s SATA port, or install it in a third party USB enclosure.

Otherwise see Aussie Girl’s post in the following thread: