My Book 500 GB, does not work noth on MAC and Windows

Hi guys. 

My WD My Book 500GB (yeah, it’s kinda old but was in good condition) stops workin. When i plug the power, I can feel the disc is spinning inside (at least sometnig is vibrating), but when i plug in the USB cable, no green light and nothing in computer, it’s like i’m not even plugging in. No “Drive is not recognized” message, no “you shold install some drive thingy” messgae, nothing.

Both on Windows and MAC.

What shold i do? I’m thinking about opening up the case and try the disc inside in my computer case. 

Hello, have you tried using another compatible power adapter, if you don’t have one try contacting support for a replacement. Check the link below for more information.

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Disc is spinning i guess but no green light on the button. So, maybe usb cable fault?