My Book 4TB

I bought a My Book to backup old computer on. After playing around with it for a few days and learning how it works, I decided to erase it and do full backup of my computer. I now have a new computer. I plugged the My Book into it and can see and retrieve the files. The WD Discovery, Backup and Drive Utilities are no longer available. I downloaded WD Discovery but when I run it, the scan will not find My Book. I also have an older My Book 1TB that my new computer is recognizing as well, but not the scan. That is okay though. I only need for the 4 TB to work. Thank you for any help. Janie

Hi there,

To backup the my book device data you can use WD backup; and follow the steps-

1- If you have already tried to back up the data using WD backup and files are missing or not seeing in backup section-

2-If the device is showing offline-