My Book 4TB shows Local not Removable & won't use USB 3 speeds

I don’t think I did but there’s the possibility I may have tried to make it a bootable drive for use as a data rescue drive at some point. I’ve read elsewhere that can cause this issue. I’m using the original cable that came with the drive and I am using Win 7 64 Pro. I have since used MiniTool Partition Wizard to make absolutely sure there is only one partition on the drive and formatted it to NTFS. It is set as MBR. It still shows up as a local drive and not removable and therefore won’t use USB 3.0 speeds, otherwise the drive works just fine. I hadn’t used it in quite some time and pulled it out to do a backup of my OS drive and that’s when I noticed it was not recognizing properly. Is there anything I can to set it back to being a removable drive and use USB 3.0 again. All my Google searches bring up a SanDisk flash drive fiasco.

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If you connect the drive to a different computer with a USB 3.0 port, are you getting the same?

Unfortunately I don’t have another computer to try it on.