My Book (4TB) is nearly Full after 12 months. What to do?


My PC is 1 TB capacity

My “My Book” 4TB external drive is nearly full after 12 months. It has been set to back up hourly (default), the C drive of my PC

I had expected that it would back up incrementally and that 4TB would be ample, however

Is there anything I can do to remove " unnecessary" backups or files, if there are any? (Or create more space somehow)

I have removed “deleted files” but these were very few and small and had little effect.

Is removing all the data from the external drive and starting afresh an option?

Help and comments appreciated.


Not sure about My Book, but if you have WD Drive Utilities, you should be able to Erase the drive and start over. Are you using WD Backup? You should be able to select when to do your backups, right down to the time of day.


Thanks Cliff, I do have Utilities and will probably do the erasure and start again.
Cheers and thanks again,