My Book 4TB drive recognized by computer but not Smart TV

I have about 2 TB of movies on my 4TB My Book drive and it works fine on my computer and on other computers around the house. However when I plug it into my smart TV, it does not work. The TV seems to recognize it because it shows up as an icon, however, when I select the drive, it will not open. I have another 2TB drive that I use all the time on this TV, when I compare the drives side by side they are almost identical, they use the same driver, same certificate, everything. the 2TB Toshiba drive works perfect and the 4TB My Book WD drive does not work at all. Can anyone explain this or tell me how to fix it?

Hello, maybe your computer has a 2 TB limit in drive size, or it can also mean that the TV does not support the 4k sector size which are included in the 4 TB drive.