My Book 3To Essential - I/O device error


I have got a 3To external HDD which is recognised by Windows (7), yet as an external CD Rom. I believe I cannot get further than the 1st layer of information when booting as my HDD “sounds” right, appears on Windows device & printers as a “My Book”, after having been identifed on the USB board. Yet when I try opening it I keep on getting the “i/O device error” message, when I do update the WD Firmware Updater I keep getting a message saying that I need closing everything else (which I did) yet I cannot move further, and when I try to format it, I just cannot. I have tried different cables, PCs, and so on to no avail.

So I believe there is something stuck on the WD Smartware (message “no writable WD smartware partitions found”…not allowing me to key in a password and freeing the HDD.

  • Can anyone help?

The I/O error is a Input/Output error, it could be a USB port issue, cable, computer, you need to start testing all those components in order to determine the problem.