My book 3tb

I have been using a WD 3tb for a while in windows 7. I installed a new new hard drive in my pc and did a clean install of Win10. I still have the win7 drive in my pc and when I start up in win7 I can access the drive fine as usual. When I start up my pc in Win 10 my book is recognized but states it is locked. I don’t think I put a pass word on it. If I did, can I see the password when I open the drive in win 7?


Not sure I get this right, you are saying that when you open the drive from the windows 7 you are able to access the drive with no password asked?

But when you open the drive from a Windows 10 installation, the drive is lock and it asks for a password?

That’s very strange. Do you have the WD drive utilities installed on the Windows 7? If yes, check the security settings

See page 22-27 of the user manual for detailed information about the security settings of the unit.
Link to manual:

That did the trick. I opened the drive in win7 and got my password with the help of the hint, now it works fine in win10. Thanks!