My Book 3TB white fast blinking light & cannot view files on Windows 10

I have tried another USB cable, I have plugged into another port, I have switched from power from surge protector. In Device Manager, it is reading there is an external HDD attached. No drive showing in File Explorer. Tried connecting to my MacBook Pro and the same thing happens.

If a restart with it connected, the light is slow blinking while powering up and once windows loads, it is a solid light but I still cannot view files in File Explorer.

Is there a solution I haven’t tried? Can I get my files restored? I don’t need to mention that I
critically NEED my files from this drive.

Hi Chaz1066,

Is the drive showing the status as unallocated on the Device Manager?

Hi there,

Thanks for the response. In Device Manager I can see it under disk drives (no details for it though). There are no details found for the Internal HDD either though. I am pretty concerned that all of my data is gone.