My book 3TB USB3 disk keeps disappearing when used in a Lenovo Mini Dock Plus Series 3 USB3 port

I’m having an issue that seem to only affect the WDC My Book USB3 drives.  When used on a Lenovo Mini Dock Series 3 USB3 port, the drive keeps disappearing and reappearing.  This only occurs on the WDC My Book Drives.  I am running the current firmware on the My Book drive, if I use the same drive on a USB3 port directly on the Lenovo W530 laptop, it functions fine.  This occurs on all the Minio Dock plus Series 3 docks that I have tried.  The drive was reset to use the 512k sector size so that Windows Backup will function with the drive.  Any ideas?   

My Lenovo W530 is running Windows 7 x64 (SP1, fully patched), the USB drivers are up to date based on the current Intel Drivers for the USB3 chipset.  We would like to buy more of these but are at a standstill till this is resolved.

thanks… Tim

Other than a compatibility problem with the USB dock, I wouldn’t know.