My Book 3TB recognized but files are not usable


Since one week I bought a My Book 3TB as replacement for my 1,5TB Essentials.

I use the disk as extra disk space for my networked media tank.

At first the files where good accessable and could be read without any problem.

However, at this moment the files can only be read by my computer and not by the networked media tank.

To clearify, some of the files are visible and others not. While the visable files cannot be read by the media tank.

I didn’t change any of the settings on either the media tank or the My Book 3TB and moreover the networked media tank can still read the 1,5TB disk normally.

So, does anyone know what could be going on here and how I can solve this problem?

Thanks for your help.


What " media tank " do you own?

Looks like there’s an issue with this unit reading the files of the drive

you already mentioned that your PC can read the files with no problem so that pretty much isolates the issue to the other drive

I don’t know what you mean by media tank. Some video players will not handle 3T drives. check your hardware and make sure it’s up to using a 3T drive.