My Book 3TB Q about revisions and changes

I was hoping to get an idea of what changes have been made to the interconnect for the latest model# of the WD My Book 3TB. I have hit some compatibility issues with a Netgear router. My Book 3TB will work but only if its a specific model( I assume an older model).

I have contacted Netgear and of course got the standard boilerplate of check the compatibility list…yada,yada,yada.

Copy paste from netgear support
"I recently purchased The R6400 and a WD My Book 3TB HDD(PART# WDBFJK0030HBK-0A) for my parents so I could get their PCs doing a weekly backup. Setup was easy and updated the router to the latest firmware and connected the WD 3TB HDD. No devices showed up in the Web GUI. Tried a 16GB USB stick from MicroCenter, nothing. Plugged in a older WD My Passport 1TB HDD and it shows up and can be accessed using the default \readyshare URI. The USB compatibility sheet list a WD My Book 3TB HDD but it is a different part number. Do you guys have anything in the pipeline to add support for this newer version of the My Book from Western Digital? Thank You "

Hi, can you provide the model number of the drive that did work? That way we can tell what/if anything have changed.