My Book 3TB on Mac system - no password or security after being set

So, I bought a My Book 3TB installed it, installed the latest smartware, WD utilities, WD Security packs for the Mac OSX. Did a firmware upgrade on the drive, did everything. The drive is recognized with the WD Security, so I set a password. Well, I can eject and remount the drive, I can reboot my computer and login to my system and never am I asked for a password to access the My Book hard drive. What’s going on with that? The whole reason I opted for the WD brand at all was for their touting of great security and such. Obviously not the case for me.

Is this normal?

BTW, The My Book is NOT being read in the WD Smartware software either.

Hello, check WD Security to see if you have the auto unlock feature turned ON. See the link below for more information. 

How to set up and use WD Security & WD Drive Utilities

Auto Unlock is NOT checked. Also, Auto Unlock displays a username that is NOT what I log in under… actually not even on this computer.

I disconnected the drive from the computer completely and disconnected the drive from the power source. When plugged back in, it did ask for a password. However, if the drive is ejected from the system and remounted, no password is required.