My Book 3TB: How To Stay on?

Hi, I recently purchased this 3TB Hard Drive

I would like this hard drive to stay running when the usb is not plugged in.

I don’t mind if the drive doesn’t goes on stand by when usb is plugged in but laptop is idle or even if the usb is not plugged in.

But, I noticed that when I unplug the usb, the drive shuts off immediately.

I would like it to stay on. How can I do this??

I’ve searched the forums and tried googling a solution, but couldn’t find one.

Thank You

This is by design, if the drive is unplugged from the computer it will turn off automatically.

Is there any configuration or setting to override the default to shut off when not plugged in computer??

Can anyone explain what’s the purpose of this as opposed to having it stay on? I own another Maxtor ext HDD that stays on and it lasted for 5 years+.