My Book 3TB Can't add backup plan

Title: My Book 3TB Can’t add backup plan

OS: Wins 10 Home
Device: My Book 3TB

Problem 1: Can’t add backup plan
Problem 2: Can’t detect MyBook is Backup software page
Problem 3: No response when i wanted to sign in Dropbox

No1: i want to add a backup plan
No2: It only shows dropbox but no MyBook, is MyBook suppose to show up here?
No3: No response when i clicked “Sign-in”, “Next” button always dimmed also
No4: MyBook is in good shape as i check.


Can you please share the model number of the drive that is located on the back of the unit?

Does the software came with your drive?

Is it the NEW Design without the LED, ships as exFAT and with WD Backup
Is the previous model with the LED and ships as NTFS (HSF+ for mac) and WD Smartware.

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This is my drive model info, Yes this drive come with software,
but can’t really remember what software if came with…

It is previous model, with LED at front, i use it for Windows, how to check it ships as exFAT or NTFS? what is that?


The software that you are using did not came with your unit as your drive is one of the first My Book that came out.

Try using the WD Smartware backup software.

See if this helps

Thanks, now i try WD smartware to backup, looks like it works