My Book 3T worked for 3 days

I have several My Book External Storage Devices. The new 3T worked well on both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 for 3 days. I did backups and transferred data. Now, Windows won’t recognize the device! I uninstalled/reinstalled drivers, switched cables and power cords, updated drivers from both WD and Dell and I can’t get it to recognize. Is there a trick or fix? I am desperate!!!

What OS are you using and does the drive show in Disk Management?


Windows 7 -64. Does not show up in Disc Management. I re-plug, it attempts to install drivers and then gives the error that the drivers were not installed.

Since it’s not showing in Disk Management and you have tried switching USB and power cords it’s a problem with the drive. Contact WD or take it back where you bought it.


I plugged it into my husband’s computer (new Dell Inspiron Desktop and) it works perfectly. However, it doesn’t like my Dell Inspiron Laptop that is 1 year old. It has to be a driver issue but I can’t find a fix.

Since it works on the desktop the problem is with the laptop then. Check the Device manager and see if there are any yellow flags. Try deleting and updating the USB drivers. Have you installed anything new or updated anything on the laptop? You might also try going into system restore and pick a date when the external was working.  Maybe this will help


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I did all of that yesterday. Today, I updated the BIOS and chipsets and finally, it’s being recognized because it was able to install the SES drivers. Thank goodness!