My Book 3.0 on Mac

I had read that the unit could be used on the Mac when reformatted and will run as USB 2.0. I picked one up as I needed it quickly, but I cannot get the Mac to find the unit to reformat it. How do I correct this? Thanks.

So the drive is NOT on disk utility? o.o

No, the drive does not show up in Disk Utility…

have you tried the drive on another computer?  try it on a windows pc if you can.

I actually got the computer to find the drive and was able to format it for the Mac. Thanks.

okay, cool.

hello, can you possibly share what you did to get it to install.   Same situation:  My Book 3.0, trying to use on mac mini os 10.4.11~wish i hadn’t trusted salesperson:  told him i needing an out the box compat with my mac, thx for any help

I’m not a Mac user but it would be good to check and see if WD and Apple have any updates for the drive or USB 3.0.


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thanks Joe, but at this point it’s telling me drivers are not even installed-downloaded, but not installed.   I  can find My Book 3.0 in my  Disk Utility folder, but can’t  get beyond that.    Think I am going to pack it up, take it back and get one that says MAC so i don’t have to mess around-but not at Best Buy.  They don’t listen, and they assume everyone has the same tech background.  lol, NOT.   

That’s probably the best idea. I’d still check at Apple and see if there are any updates involving the USB 3.0 before installing the drive. I’m not impressed with Best Buy’s Geek Squad either.


I really don’t know why on a reboot the My Book 3.0 appeared, but when it did, I just reformatted the drive and have been using it ever nicely for the last month. I think my USB port hub was struggling. My problem with the iMac is the limited number of USB ports. I also have one firewire drive added as I have three external drives for my files and my TimeMachine back up…