My book 3.0 it does not work on usb3

I got a motherboard GIGABAYTE GA-X58A-UD3R ( USB3). Operating system is win 7 64 bits.  The Book is not recognized. However if I put it on USB2 port it works without any problem. I made update for USB3 port & I change the BIOS to the default but it does not work on USB3 port

Please help. Thanks

any one :cry:

Is USB 3.0 enabled in BIOS and is it up to date?


yes both USB3 & BIOS update and enabled

Did you look in device manager and disk management to see if anything shows up there?


Beleive it or not USB 3.0 does have separate drivers to have them function properly. Look in device manager  and find out the manufacturer and then navigate to the website to find the latest matching update. Or you can find the driver and give me the info and I will try to find it for you.


I would check for updated motherboard drivers for your motherboard from Gigabyte.  Also, are you sure that you are connecting to the right USB port for USB 3.0.  Finally, I would check with Gigabyte to make sure you’re not missing something.  Oh, and one more thing, are you using the correct cable?