My Book 3.0 is not recognized by TviX HD M-6600 N

My Book 3.0 2Tb is not recognized by the media player. I intended to use it as a storage for my movie collection. At the same time the drive works perfectly with my PC through USB2 and USB3 ports and the media player detects and reads easily all external USB2 devices, such as flash cards and hard drives.

   My Book 3.0 is a NTFS disk with 512/4096 bytes per sector/cluster; primary - active or logical it doesn’t change anything. Is it due to a hardware incompatibility? Or should I try to connect it using an USB2 cable?

Hi there…

If I were you, I’d try a 2.0 cable… But other than that, it can very well be incompatibilty…

   That’s right, it’s the USB3 connector’s fault. The legacy support of USB2 bus concerns only PC but not other devices. People who want to store music and movies on that drive should get USB2 Micro-B cable in advance.  There’s another annoying thing, - the power button. Don’t ever touch it, the drive must sleep and wake from the device it is connected to. Otherwise it won’t be detected.
   And finally use only PC data USB2 cables. Phone cables for LG or Nokia are not suitable.