My Book 3.0 Interface

Is there an interface or application that WD loads upon connection of new external HD that I can use to manipulate my backups? 

I had a Seagate GoFlex that had an interface I could use to view files, changes settings etc…  I can’t find anything similar on my new WD HD.

Also, when I go to view files that have been backed up on the WD HD I don’t recognize the file structure and can’t find specific files by name.

When my old Seagate drive backed up my system it created an exact replica of the file structure and was easy to navigate to find specific files.

Any ideas about an interface and how to find/view files on my WD HD?

Are you using the Smartware or something else for backup?


Not sure what Smartware is.  When I did the initial backup I believe it was a Microsoft backup utility.  Would the WD HD try to use a MIcrosoft backup utility instead of its own program?  Bare with me, i’m not hardware or software savvy but can figure things out if pointed in the right direction.

Smartware is a backup program included on some of the WD external drives. It is something you would have to install on your OS. I’ve never use the Windows 7 backup utility. Did you install some software when you had the Seagate?


Yes, the Seagate HD came with a software, Memeo backup.

Is it common for WD HD to backup files in XML and VHD format?  It looks like the bulk of the backup was done in VHD format.

Can you suggest a software that I can download to manage my backups?  I would like something that backs files up real-time and reflects the file structure on my Windows 7 PC.