My Book 3.0 doesn't deactivates

Hello to everyone!!

I bought a WD My Book 3.0 the other days and I need some help!!!

I own 2 My Book Essential (USB 2) and the drives deactivates when I close my PC but the My Book 3.0 doesn’t…

The light in front of it is flashing (like stand by mode) and the drive inside is spinning live **bleep**…!!!

I have to push every single time the HD power button to deactivate it…

The drive is connected at a USB2 port. I don’t have USB3 at my mobo.

Could this be the reason that is staying online?

My OS is Windows 7 Ultimate, can I do anything to make it close with my PC?

Hi there.

The drive should turn off when you shut down the computer, allow me to ask you, when you safely remove the drive, does it turn off?