My book 3.0 Corrupted, help recovering information

Something happened to my book 3.0. No files show up, says size 0 out of 0. and ask for drive to be formatted. I just want to be able to get some of the information out, maybe into my other my book. 

then format the drive. 

Thank you very much for any suggestions. 

This post has some ddata decovery programs see post 5 some are free others are try an buy. somebody I know likes the Easeus one.


I tried various of those programs, none seem to work. the partion seems to be non-existent. Many of the programs did not even recognize it. I might take it out of the enclosure, and plug it in. 

Any other suggestions? 

That won’t work the drive is hardware encrypted by the board with the USB port. What does it say about drive in Disk Management. Look down where the bars are.


931.51 GB RAW

Healthy (Primary Partition)

There is a 1MB unallocated partition before it.

I tried to format it, but won’t let me.