My Book 3.0 1TB geometry data please?

hi, i’m looking for my geometry data, (cylinders, heads, sectors)

my model number:
WDBAAK0010HCH-00 1911B

(Western Digital My Book 3.0 1TB)

testdisk reports geometry wrongly - it got corrupted:

Drive J: - 738 GB / 687 GiB - WD My Book 3.0 1123
CHS 1441517568 1 1, sector size=512
cylinders 1441517568
heads 1
sectors 1
sector size 512

how do I find the correct geometry for this model of harddisk to key in manually into testdisk to recover data?


You might wanna contact WD for that 

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thanks, i tried, but they don’t have the geometry data on-hand for this model of My Book I purchased. how about if I elaborate on the following symptoms, see if anyone of you are experienced in testdisk and can advise if I should just continue Analyzing or only do so when I have proper geometry data:

my harddisk had 2 partitions,
738 (687.37) Gb and 262.12 (244.14) GB in size.

the current results from testdisk is as follows:

Drive J: - 738 GB / 687 GiB - WD My Book 3.0 1123

it detected this first partition and called it Drive J: (738 GB / 687 GiB) but did not detect the second one.
the partition information is corrupted therefore it does not know that it is one partition, and missing another.

the CHS reading is as follows:

Drive J: - 738 GB / 687 GiB - CHS 1441517568 1 1, sector size=512

again, it only detects this first partition, and shows it incorrectly as 1,441,517,568 cylinders 1 head 1 sector.
in actual fact it should be something like 255 heads, 63 sectors right.
but now it reports 1 head 1 sector, and the cylinder reading 1441517568 x 512 sector size = 738 gigabytes. so the number is correct for this partition, but it’s displayed as 1 head 1 sector.

is this a common result from testdisk (1 head 1 sector) when it fails to detect proper partition information? does it assume 1 head 1 sector first, until it completes the “Analyze” and later tries to assign a more correct 255 head 63 sectors ?

most importantly, the reason i ask is this:
(1) should I run Analyze using this CHS 1441517568 1 1, sector size=512
(2) or should i change the geometry manually to CHS 89730.31858076564 (that’s 1441517568 divided by 255 and 63) and change heads to 255, sectors to 63, sector size remains at 512, then run Analyze?

i ask this because testdisk advises to have correct geometry before doing Analyze.

please advise? thanks!