My Book 2Ter

I am using this drive on a desk top, and a laptop.   when I hooked to the laptop it was recognized drive F.  On the desktop it was drive L.  Will this make a great deal of difference on the retrieval of files?  The Quick drive test failed twice.  Then passed once.  The complete test also failed twice. I would like to know if erasing and reformatting the drive will cure this problem.   My laptop wanted to do this when i pluged in the usb port with windows software.  Is it better to use windows backup, or the WD Smart Ware.

If you are talking about WD Digital Life Guard try reformatting by writing zeroes that sometimes fixes problem drives. I would get third party bakcup software like Acronis True Image. Smartware only backs up certain file types. Windows backup gets mixed reviews on reliability. With Acronis you can image your whole drive and restore if neeed. I partition my drive with windows and software on one and data on the other. Some software makers have stripped down versions of their backup software that is free checkout Paragon, EaseUS, and Macrium. 


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Thanks I will try this solution now.