My Book 2tb wont show up on laptop

My brand new My Book Essential 2TB external drive worked the day I bought it and hasnt worked since, it is password protected, showing as (j:) the drive tries to show up as (I:) but not information shows up below it, as in free space and size of drive…I’d be happy now to reformat it but it wont let me do that as the drive isnt recognised on my computer so cannot do anything to it ? Anyone have any ideas to re-format or get into it…wish i hadnt password protected it, whilst that works ok and unlocks, or so it says, nothing else works !

Thanks in advance.


Have you connect your drive to a different computer? Do you encounter the same issue? 

I’m having the same exact problem. I plugged mine into my desktop pc at home and it works. But I need mine for my laptop on the go for school. Hopefully someone can help.