My Book 2TB light under lock symbol blinks and macbook pro won't recognize

Just plugged my 2TB My Book hard drive to my Macbook Pro and the computer won’t recognize the HD.  Light under the Lock symbol flashes.  Freaking out since I have thousands of movies and music on it.  There is no clicking sound…just doesn’t show up on my computer.  Any Ideas?  The manual doesn’t even say what the lock or the light under it is for.

I am having the exact same problem with my macbook pro.  Is there a solution for this?


Same here. Ideas?

I’ve just connected my WD Essential Book to my Mac (Snowleopard) and yes, the computer isn’t recognising it (doesn’t show at all on desk top or in finder) and the lock symbol is flashing on the drive.  Did you manage to find a solution?? Cheers.