My book 2tb frozen spotlight


I just bought a my book 2 tb for my MacBook pro 2009. The quick formatter wouldn’t work as when I tried pressing format, I would be notified that the drive had been disconnected. So then I went to disk utility and chose the volume and pressed erase data. I left this on overnight, and by this morning it was still frozen on 1 hour 49 mins remaining. After watching this for about 15 mins I decided to reboot as everything had frozen. Now when I rebooted spotlight gets a little dot in the magnifying glass as if it’s indexing and won’t let me do anything. The clock has been frozen for the past hour and I’m not quite sure what to do now? I realise in hindsight that I should’ve gone to the partition wizard as opposed to the disk utility erase, but can’t find a way to sort it?

Any help would be appreciated,


Try to format with another utility

you can use the quick formatter

looks like the drive failed but lets hope for the best