My Book 2TB External HDD do not show up, Please Suggest - Its Urgent!

Dear Experts,

I have 2TB External HDD, I formatted the HDD with Windows and did not installed the WD HDD drivers on it. After formatting the WD HDD, While I was backing up my backup to the HDD it lasted for two days for 1.2TB of data , then I switched off HDD and today when I tried to switch it on, it does not show up on my Laptop. I could see WD HDD glowing blue in front of the disk, afterwards it does not show up, It hangs. I could hear hard disk is spinning. I do not see the HDD either in Device manager also. For the last 4 yrs I do not have any issues. But now after formatting the HDD and while backing up the data to the HDD stopped working. I have all my important data photos, movies , study material and files copied on it. I do not want to format my HDD, Please suggest me how I can see my HDD on my Windows7. Earlier I used to see f:\ as this drive , now I do not see anything. Am feeling very bad for this. Please help me.

Thanks & Regards, -Sudhakar

Hello, try checking if the hard drive is recognized on the disk management window, if you can see it there, it is probable that the data is corrupted, but you should still be able to recover most of your files with a data recovery program, with the help of Google, you should be able to find several options. For the steps to open the disk management, check the link below. 

How to access Disk Management in Windows 7, Vista, XP or 2000 to manage your hard drives

Hi Ichigo,

Thanks a lot for your reply. I could not see the disk in the disk management. My laptop does not recognise my 2TB HDD.

I tried connecting this 2TB to another laptop also. But no response.

But I tried to open my 2TB-HDD and connected both the Disks one after the another with SATA/IDE to USB adapter. I could see one of my two 1TB HDDs and tried recovering with data recovery software. But the data is available as bit map image it is not showing the data as folders. Please suggest. The another HDD is not responding.

Please help me… I need all my data it is around 1.2TB, Please suggest me how to recover the data.


Sudhakar Turaga.