My Book 2T - Startup Questions

Hi I just bought My Book 2T but I have not yet cracked the plastic in case I should return it and get a protable drive. I am thinking I made a mistake and should return it and get an external hard drive for storage because I know how hard drives work

I saw all the advertising about cloud and social media on the box and it raised red flags.

 Critical Question :

Will this have invasive software that tries to connect to the internet?  Will it “call home” one time or everytime it is used?

(EDIT: I do not use social media unless I absolutely have to and nothing is safe on the internet IMHO.)

Will it have a running proram on my computer. I consider that invasive. If so will this program still be runing if I am not using My Book? I can’t allow possible invasive programs to be running.

I have process explorer and comodo as well as other utilities and keep track (I hope) of all invasive and unwanted processes.

Optional Concerns

I have long experience with collecting educational materials - majority is MA instructionals. I have found out that there is a 250 character limit on windows for file names (file names + directory names to the root) which can cause backup problems. Often a file can be transferred via torrent or download but the file cannot be manipulated or recognized by windows until the filename has been shortened - I have had to use utilities to do this (Windows GUI will not do it) . Unfortunately many people that share stuff are not too careful in their file names  using 500 plus character destriptions as file name or not understand the importance of using accurate , non-generic  “author - title” titles.

So  is the top directory name on My Book transparent to the user (me)?  It’s important to know the tech details - , I need to keep all directory names and file titles as short and succinct and meaningful as possible. Not only is there a problem to copy but sometimes the copy is not done and I have no way to know there was  a problem with the file length.

Is ther any concern with file name/directory name length on My Book other that the standard windows restriction?

Can I see the data structure on My Book to the root?

Can all file and directory names on My Book be renamed, and data shfled around just like a normal disk?

Besdes using this 2T  backing up my current hard disks. I now want to transfer all my DVD-R’s from 10 years to other My Books  or disks before they deteriorate.

I have no digital material in VOB format - it is all compressed - so I  have a lot of good stuff that i need preserved I was doing 10 -20 backups a month - a lot of the stuff is rare, I probably could never get again… 

And  also what about defragmenting? Can My Book be defragmented?

And getting directory listings  in text format - very essential for making searches and annotations to listings. I currently use a utility that works on ordinary internal and external drives but I don’t know about this My Book.

(My spell check not working for this website - excuse any errors)

(I think this earns my moniker) Thanks for any reply.

Hello there and welcome to the WD community.

The software that comes bundled with this unit is not mandatory to install, so if you feel that the software is invasive you can use the drive without installing the software, and you are able to defragment the drive if you want, however this is something that i do if the drive has been in use for a long time and i feel that is getting slow.

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