My book 2T - not detected - white led on, fixed

Hello All,
My external disk (My Book, essential 2T), bought in 2012, is not working anymore on my Macbook Pro. When I plug the power, it immediately switches ON the front led, white, remains fixed, not flashing as it should, even when computer is OFF the led stay ON.

  • I tried on another Mac and PC.
  • No shock on the disk occurred.
  • I have another My Book 3T, working perfectly, I already used both cables to check, power and USB.
  • Hotline already contacted without success.
  • Data lifeguard on Windows don’t detect the disk.
  • 1.2 T of important files on it…


Have you tried using a data recovery software? If not, please try that to see if you can get your files out of the drive.