My book 2t essential causes my windows vista system to loose all my desktop icons and freezes

PLEASE HELP, when i connect my “My Book essential 2t” its not functiong correctly, it used to be recognized by my HP pavillion dv6 and i could just go into my files. then one day the icon for the my passport F drive was not showing up.

The WD unlocker icon is still there and I would click it and then the type book password and it wiill tell me its unlocked

but then it the screen just freezes and I cannot do anything it tells me its not responsinding. then I have to close the restore button at the bottom and when I do all my icons on the screen dissapear i cannot even click on the windows start icon, its weird. then all I can do is turn off the computer and restart it. when I try it again the same thing happens.


Have you tried using another USB cable?