My Book - 250 Go - Over Voltage - Help with Logic board

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I have a WD 250 Go (I bought it around 2006), model WD2500i032, last night I have decided to plug it again and by mistake I used a 22.5V power supply, the light was green, no smell, no noise but the HDD didn’t spin up. Then I plugged a correct power supply (12V, 2A, (-)–(o–(+) ), the green light was on however no spinning, no noise only the light even after plugging/unplugging with different USB cable into different laptops.

I have removed the external box of the HDD and below some pictures of the logic board:

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I have been looking for a TVS diod or any other burnt component but nothing…

I have all my college pictures and documents on that HDD!!

Anyone has any idea where to start? Could the issue be only on the Galaxy controller card so by plugging the HDD internally (I will test it on Thursday) it will work??

Thanks in advance for your help!!!

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I have been able to go to my local retailer and test it internally and in another HDD external case and the HDD didn’t spin up…

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 PM or find the posts by fzabkar he is about the only one who understands these boards. Sometimes you can bypass part of the board.


Ok I am going to PM it, I have started a new post since my PCB is slightly different of the PCB in his post.



I don’t see any TVS diodes on the HDD PCB. Its date codes would suggest that it was manufactured around late February or early march of 2006, so it appears that it predates the introduction of these protection diodes. :frowning:

By way of comparison, here is very similar PCB (circa July 2006) which does have TVS diodes (D5 and D6):

Although I can’t see any visible signs of damage, I suspect that the SMOOTH motor controller is most likely faulty. This chip uses the +12V supply to drive the spindle motor and voice coil, and to provide the -5V supply for the preamp.

If a straight board swap doesn’t work, then you will need to transfer the 8-pin serial flash memory chip at location U12 from patient to donor. Some board suppliers offer such a service for US$10.

BTW, I’m assuming that there are no installed jumpers other than Master or Cable Select.

As for the Galaxy bridge board, I expect that if it were faulty, then the dual MOSFET pair at Q2 would be the prime suspects. These MOSFETs switch +5V and +12V power to the Molex power connector, and are under control of the Prolific PL2507 bridge IC. I have recently been corresponding with a user who had a faulty 3.3V regulator IC at U5. If your board is faulty, then you may be able to sell it to him.

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Thanks fzabkar for your answer, I will start with the board swap, quick question, if I don’t swap U12 (which I am confident to do) is there any risk to damage the HDD?

Your assumption was correct, no jumper except CS.

My Galaxy bridge board may be faulty may be not but I will not use it anyway because I don’t trust that HDD anymore, I will buy a new one so if the other user wants it, no problem.

There is no risk of damage to the HDD, but you must not damage U12, otherwise the costs will skyrocket. Hopefully the chip survived the overvoltage.

Best of luck.