My Book 2 TB for Mac not recognized by LinkSys router

Just purchased a LinkSys e3000 router and WD My Book for Mac (+ WD Smartware) for the purpose of backing up my two MacBook Pros.

Bottom line, the Linksys router can not access the drive’s partitions even though it can"see" the drive.

  1. Validated the router is working by plugging another WD MyBook essentials 1 Tb drive (PC version) and the routers sees multiple partitions.

  2. Worked with LinkSys tech support to verify router works with Mac journalized partitions and the router was working as designed

  3. Added a FAT volume on the MyBook Mac - still does not work with router

  4. Plugged MyBook Mac directly into the MacBook Pro - works fine (actually did a backup from both Mac Book Pro’s 1 at a time via the USB direct connect)

  5. Turned off VCD - no luck on the router

  6. Updated the firmware to latest version (via Mac)

  7. Updated the Smartware (via the Mac)

  8. Downloaded the VCD software

Can anyone provide a suggestion before I return this drive back to WD?  I am at my wits end.

Could this have something to do with the SES functionality and the required drivers - since I can not add any drivers to the router.

By the way, other than this problem with WD, I can highly recommend the LinkSys e3000.  Seriously HOT router with tremendous throughput.