My Book 2 TB causing PC to crash

I have had the My Book Elite for a year or  so and have had no issues with it until the last couple of months. If I connect the drive to my pc  after it has booted to Windows XP my pc crashes. The same happens if I try to safely remove the drive before shutting down the pc.  If I connect the drive prior to booting I have no problems and If I shutdown the computer without safely removing the drive also no problems but am wondering if shutting down without safely removing the drive s going to have negative effects on the drive and my data. Also would like to know what is causing the drive to crash as I have had no problems with it until recently. Thanks for any help that  anyone can give me

Fisrt removing the drive improperly can cause corruption to the drive. Go into the Device Manager find the driver for the externnal drive and delete it. Remove the drive reboot the system then plug drive back in that should load a new driver. Have you installed anything new around the time this problem started?


Possibly could be the antivirus software I installed. Forgot to mention also that the drive in question is an external drive

Which AV? Test it out by disabling it and see if that is the problem.


The antivirus is avast!  I disabled the antivirus and as soon as I clicked on safely remove  MY Book Elite my pc crashed again so evidently it isn’t the antivirus software that is causing the issue

I use the Avast too any other antimalware software third party firewall? Any automatic backup or sync software? Did you try to log off then log back on and see if that causes crash?


I did logpff everytime the pc crashed and I don’t have any sync software to speak of and I have no other anti malware. As of now I am at a total loss as to what the problem is with the pc crashing