My Book 1TB - usb connector broke off

The mini usb have completely detached from the controller card(if that what it is called).  In the last day or so, I’ve tried hooking the drive up to a docking station, internally and a hub.  All show the drive with no contents until I came across the boards where the internal card encypts the data.

With about 950gb of data, where can I get either a replacement card or get the mini usb soldered back onto the card?

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Finding another board is a gamble they change constantly. You might find one on Ebay or gamble and buy a similar drive. Look through the posts by fzabkar he’s about the only one with any real understanding of these boards. I think he’s explained about numbers on the boards before. It doesn’t have to be a computer shop any electronics repair shop should be able to solder on a USB port.