My Book 1Tb Shutting Down while being used

The title pretty much explains it all.  I’m using this drive (which is my RMA replacement for my original) and during a large file transfer or uncompressing of a large file it just shuts itself off or goes into standby (connected via eSATA).  Physical inspection showed that the drive was hot, so my initial thought was that it had overheated and shutdown, so I rebooted, pointed a fan at the drive, and tried again.  I’ve tried to update the firmware via the USB connection (and, yes, all directions provided were followed) and after several failures I found that the upgrade needed to be performed on a 32-bit OS.  So I tried it on the only 32-bit windows computer I have in the house and it still fails even in safe mode.

I’m open to suggestions at this point :neutral_face:

Honestly, I’ve been using WD hard drives for over 15 years now and to have 2 external drives go bad or not work properly in a matter of a month is awful.  I must say that I am, while I am extremely happy with the customer service I have received, I am sorely disappointed in the quality of this product.

System Specifications - AMD Phenom II 965 Black Edition, ASUS Crosshair III Formula, 4x2Gb Mushkin 996601 Ram (8Gb total), 2x320Gb WD Caviar Blue in RAID-0, 1Tb WD My Book, Samsung 24x DVD-RW, MadDog 22x DVD-RAM, Windows 7 Professional x64, CoolerMaster HAF932, Zalman ZM850-HP PSU.

Im having the same issue. What it looks like the problem is is simply the eSATA controller on the drive is overheating causing it to disconnect. If i do small transfers and wait for the drive to cooldown all is fine. I pointed a cooling fan behind the drive to blow through the enclosure and it worked. I just sent WD Support an email regaurding the issue. We will see if they give me a different enclosure with a fan built in or if they are just going to want me to try another drive (which i will not be happy about since if it is an overheating issue a new drive wont fix my problem). Its somewhat sad that they didnt test the drives for overheating issues when using eSATA…people with 2Tb drives typically arent transferring small files…