My Book 1Tb - now can't access drive nor shows my 920Gb of data

Have used my WD My Book 1Tb external drive successful for 18mths to backup PC (Widows 7). Now it won’t let me access it to view folders/data, nor do the unit’s lights show any data content being stored. I’m frequently getting a pop-up Windows message asking if I want to Format drive G:… as there’s no patition.  When I restart it, it lights up and I can feel the disk spinning, but the lights just keep flashing. Very frustrating, please help!  It has all our family photos stored on it!


I have the EXACT same problem for my 1TB for Mac. If someone has the answer…I have so much on that drive that I need back!! It’s aggrivating! It just flashes at me! It does not pop up in the Finder anymore. I fear the drive has been damaged but I don’t know how.

Although I have no answer for you, I just encountered a similar problem. The HD light is on, the driver is engaged, but the icon does not show up in SmartWare window (I opened this using another 500GB HD). I run Windows 7 Home Premium and my Explorer wheel just spins but cannot connect/find the 1TB HD.

I will let you know if I can figure out/obtain an answer as to what is wrong. It may be the same problem as yours.

same problem…no access to the data…

any deatils to contact the support team…

numbers mentioned on website do not work!!

My saviour…  EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard (US$70 on-line download) - file is only bootable, so burn to a CD-ROM and re-boot computer (press F12, to boot from CD-ROM). Took 28hrs to scan whole 930Gb of files on my external 1Tb WD My Book drive - Selected ‘Patition Recover’ and under ‘Options’ menu I had to unchecked all options on first 3 pages, only leaving Recover RAW Data checked. Worked a treat and recovered all our jpg, mov, avi and other files, it even kept the files names and directory tree.  Also, I ‘Exported’ the scan info file to my C:Drive, just in case I needed to go back and grab another file, so it didn’t need to re-run the whole lengthy scan.

Will now format my 1Tb and send back to WD for a replacement, however next time I won’t blindly trust WD products and back-up on another drive and computer as well!

Hope this info helps someone :slight_smile: