My Book 1TB Firmware Issues

I just recently obtained a 1TB My Book Western Digital Hard Drive from a friend. I plugged it in and went to update the firmware. The firmware update seemed to of work, and it told me to “power cycle” my unit. I unplugged the unit, waited about 10 seconds and plugged it back in. Now the drive is completely inaccessible. When I “power cycle” the drive, I hear the noise when a new device connects to Windows, but it does not show up under my computer nor under disk management. I am plugging it into a desktop with Windows 7 Home Premium. I then attempted to plug it into my laptop (Windows 7 Professional), and the Windows drivers install by themselves but the drive does not show up. Any suggestions?

By any chance the drive shows in device Manager?

Where would it show up under Device Manager? It is not under Disk Drives, so I’m not sure if it would show up anywhere else.