My Book 1TB Essential. Can I change enclosure?


I have a WD 1TB My Book Essential with micro usb problem.

Depend on the position it works or not.

I would like to change the enclosure, the data is not important, I’m not worry if it loss.

Is it possible? I believe that this model have a hardware encryption, but if I try to delete and create a new partition? Is it work?

Or the only way is replace the micro usb?

Thank you very much.

This issue is with the USB cable or the USB port in the enclosure? If is with the cable, you can contact WD and get a new one.

Thank you for your reply.

This issue is with the USB port in the enclosure! I know that someone can re-solder  this port, but it cost more than a new enclosure.


If you don’t care for the data, then RMA this drive, if under warranty, it will be simpler and cheaper.

The hardware encryption is handled by the Initio INIC-1607E chip on the USB-SATA bridge board. If you install your drive in a third party enclosure, your original data will be encrypted. However, the drive will work perfectly well after you reinitialise and reformat it.