MY Book 1TB (blue rings)

I have had my drive for roughly a year and have always had a problem with the drive going to sleep and the only way to find it is to turn it off and bakc on.  Well this past week the drive disappeared from my computer and since then i cannot get it back (if i do it only appears for a bit then goes away). Ihave contacted the support team and did what they said and it worked for a little bit and now it will not work.  I can see the public part but not all data is there cause iwas in teh process of coping it all there from the “id” drive before it all went belly up.  Any suggestions on how to get into the ID part of the drive, i have reset the password using the instructionson teh knowledge base and nothing, whatever password is in place is not the one i selected for the drive.  Please if you have a suggestion let me know.  Thanks