My Book 1TB - 0 KB dummy files

I have been using the My Book 1TB drive for months now without any problems until a few weeks ago.  I have my drive plugged into the USB port on my netgear router so that the fies on it can be shared across my home network.  My problem is this, if I download an mp3 album to my desktop computer and copy the folder of the album onto the My Book everything copies fine and the files will play but if I restart my computer and try to access the files again they are no longer playable.  The file itself is still shown in windows explorer but the size is listed as 0 KB.  I have the same problem for Word documents or really any files that I try to copy on to the drive.  What makes this problem really strange is that if I copy a mp3 folder over to the drive and then I play two songs in that folder, when I restart the computer the two songs I played before I did the restart will work fine but all of the other files will show 0 KB under size.  Has anyone heard of something like this happening before?  Thanks in advnace for any help or suggests you can offer me on this one.

Hi there, are the files still listed as 0 KB when the drive is connected directly to the computer?

I am not sure of that.  I will test it out tonight and let you know what results I come up with.  Thanks in advance.

Ok, I unplugged the drive from the router and hooked it up direct to my desktop pc and the files still show 0 KB in size.  I have also found that there are now a few folders with these 0 KB files that I can not delete.  When I try to delete the folder I am told “access denied” even though I am logged on to this machine as the admin.  Any thoughts??  Thanks in advance.

You could try to manually change the permissions to force the computer to grant you control, other than that, this is another form of data correcption so I would reformat that drive and check the sectors for errors if I were you…