My Book 160g WD1600C032 connect to Netgear Router?

I was wondering if my older My Book exteral drive (160g WD1600C032) is safe to have connected to my Netgear wndr3700v2 Router?

I’ve connected it fine and it works but I noticed this morning that the drive seems to be having a lot of activity even when all the home network pc’s are turned off. Any thoughts on if this activity (according to my ears hearing it sounding busy) will shorten the life of the drive? Thanks!

The drive might be trying to enter in sleep mode and your router is not allowing to do so. Any how, if the drive is all the time active, then yes, it might shorten the drive’s life span

Thanks for the feedback - I’ll probably keep it off the router for now and look for a newer drive in a while that might work a bit better. Thanks again.