MY BOOK 1140 essential 2TB & wd passport FRUSTRATION

  • Can someone help me with this? 

  • I have a MY BOOK 1140 essential 2TB  usb 3.0 which is less than two months old, and a WD passport

  • Both are unusuable

  • they have all my personal files on them

  • I thought this would be a great brand to use for all my most sentimental memories

The MyBook shows up in device manager Win 7 64 , but not in my computer and I cant access files

The WD Passport, when you plug it , crashes the whole computer instantly?, what the ???

Please help!

customer support is A ok!

You need to contact WD for that

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Keep in mind that other brands fail just as well. To avoid frasturation moments of data loss you should have been backing up your data, and keeping more than a single copy of your sentimental stuff.

Sad but true.

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