My Book 1110 not showing up in my computer

My my book 1110 worked for months, I had unplugged it, plugged back in within 10 minutes, and suddenly the device is not showing up in my computer. Nor is the auto play option coming up. I also noticed the device is still listed within the list to ‘disconnect device properly’ location. It still lists the device but yet I can’t get into the harddrive itself. I tried uninstalled/reinstalling the driver for the HD also, no dice.

Any suggestions ? This is a 1 TB HD I have, and I have about 850 GB used on it. Help me Please !!! :frowning:

What OS are you using? Does the disk show in Disk Management? If so down by the bars deos it say anything about the drive like Raw? Make sure it’s pluggged into the wall instead of a power strip and try different USB ports.